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Next Generation Biofilm –
the „Rose of Jericho“ of Biotechnology

How and where will food and renewable resources be produced for projected 10 billion people in 2050? How can we avoid the plate-tank-trough problem? And how do future agricultural land and cities look like?

An interdisciplinary team in the BMBF-funded joint research project “Next Generation Biofilm – the Rose of Jericho of Biotechnology” is developing innovations by finding solutions to these challenges. The researchers of the Universities of Applied Sciences in Kaiserslautern, Trier, Augsburg and of the Technical University Kaiserslautern are geared towards the development of new production techniques and processes in the ecology and physiology of terrestrial microorganisms that do not live in water, but on land. For this purpose, a completely new platform technology is being developed which uses energy- and resource-efficient process technologies and implements a specific emerse, i.e. air-guided, production environment for terrestrial microorganisms. Currently, terrestrial microalgae are used as test organisms, which produce active ingredients and food supplements as well as food supplements in an emerse photobioreactor (ePBR).

First steps toward an energy-neutral algae bioreactor:

  • Interdisciplinary BMBF-funded joint research project (2015-17: 1.2M €)
  • Proof-of-concept: industry-oriented prototype
  • drought-tolerant and process-stable biofilms
  • Efficient & emersed platform technology (ePBR)
  • Production of renewable biopolymers, colorants & fine chemicals:
    • Food & cosmetics industry
    • Fluorescent dyes for biomedical research
    • Pharmaceuticals

Bioreactor Renderings

As part of Bachelor’s and Master’s studies, design opportunities for the later reactor design were evaluated. The study investigated how the emerse reactor technology can be optimally integrated into different urban environments.

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